From India to the United States, from Britain to Brazil, the pandemic has exposed deep fissures in many societies. The protests in the United States against systemic racism and inequality also reflect the unequal devastation caused by the disease.  How societies will rebuild, and make themselves resilient in the face of new crises, will depend on how they address inequality and governance.

The searing images of lakhs of Indian workers, men, women and young children, walking hundreds of miles to their homes will remain among the most tragic memories of COVID-19.  In large parts of India,  the economic devastation is preceding the impending health catastrophe. In India, 425 million workers are in the informal sector (about 90 percent of the workforce).

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VMFT aims to bring key stakeholders together to think about the mega trends shaping Kerala society and the systems, policies and actions required to build a better future for the next generation. We will hear the voices of scholars, politicians, administrators, business people, teachers, citizens from different walks of life, and especially youth and even children.

A child born today in Kerala will be 30 in 2050. That is about the age at which many men in Kerala currently get married and start rearing the next generation.  What kind of society is today’s child likely to live in?  What kind of society would we like this child to live in?  Or will Kerala even remain a place where people can live at all?

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Memorial Lectures and Awards

K M Bashir
Memorial Lectures

Vakkom Moulavi
Memorial Lectures

Professor N.A Karim Award
for Outstanding Public Service

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre houses a collection of resources on renaissance, journalism, education and renaissance leaders.  It also hosts a Readers’ Forum which conducts a review of a book every month. In addition to books and resource materials related to Vakkom Moulavi, the resource centre carries books and publications relating to the work of the VMFT. These include books relating to education and teaching, science and mathematics resources for children, political science, history, journalism and media, religion and the environment.
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