Exploring Project Based  Pedagogical Approaches

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Second in VMFT’s innovator teacher workshop series stimulates lively discussion on classroom implementation

In the pursuit of improving educational practices and developing effective teaching methods, the Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust organised its second teacher workshop in a series, focusing on “Enquiry and Project-Based Pedagogical Approaches.” Held at the Foundation Hall on September 16, 2023, this event drew a diverse audience of  educators, teacher educators, and researchers. The workshop was designed and conducted by  Dr. Anu Joy (School of Educational Studies, TISS Hyderabad).

Project based learning and inquiry based approaches to teaching-learning require teachers to challenge their beliefs and assumptions about how children learn. The workshop encouraged participants to share their views, challenges, and recommendations regarding the implementation of these progressive teaching techniques. This open dialogue made the workshop more interactive and gave the participants an opportunity to exchange ideas with educators and researchers explored strategies to overcome the constraints and enhance the implementation of innovative pedagogical approaches.

The afternoon session was led by Dr. Manoj Chandrasenan  (Chief Tutor, District Centre for English), who captivated the audience with his presentation on “How to Conduct Research to Understand Children’s Language Learning.” This session of the workshop aimed to encourage a culture of authentic inquiry, creativity, reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and meaningful comprehension of concepts among middle school students. Dr. Chandrasenan  provided  guidance on conducting research to optimise language learning in the classroom.

The Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust aims to develop excellence in education and embed enthusiasm to reshape the future of education among teachers, teacher educators, and researchers through these teacher workshops. With the third workshop in the series on the horizon, there is much anticipation for the further evolution of pedagogy in the years to come.