Hon. Minister of Culture releases “Media Under The Lens” and Multilingual Booklet on Vakkom Moulavi

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At a function organized at the K.M. Bashir Memorial Hall by VMFT,  Sri. V. N. Vasavan, Hon. Minister for Culture, Co-operation, and Registration released the Multilingual booklet on the life and times of Vakkom Moulavi, as well as “Media under the Lens, a research study report on the representation of migrant workers in regional media during the COVID crisis. The publications were received by veteran writer and journalist, Prabha Varma. Dr. Muse Mary George and Dr. M. R. Thampan, former Director of the State Institute of Encyclopedic Publication, both delivered congratulations.

Sri M.N. Vasavan praised VMFT’s accomplishments, saying, “VMFT is fulfilling the vision of Vakkom Moulavi by upholding secularist values and pioneering programs.”

VMFT is planning a series of events around the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vakkom Moulavi and the Multilingual Booklet will be widely circulated. It is also organizing discussions around the media study report with journalism and college students.

“VMFT released the migrant study report along with the booklet on Vakkom Moulavi. It shows this Trust has a purpose in the existing period. It touches on the roots and history through the booklet and announces its significance in the current time through the study report. Migrating in order to find a job is very common these days, and Kerala has a large migrant population, so there is a need to address their issues. I hope this is such an initiative and I am happy about  it,” said Muse Mary.

The welcome address was given by Dr. Kayakulam Yoonus, Secretary VMFT. In his speech, he lauded the efforts and sacrifices made by Vakkom Moulavi for challenging society. Er. A. Suhair, Chairperson of VMFT, introduced the publications. V. K. Damodaran, president of VMFT, presided over the function. Ms. Swathy Lakshmi, Research Assistant, delivered the vote of thanks.