School Outreach Programmes

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School Outreach Programmes

VMFT is currently implementing an innovative project on “Connecting Learners with Communities” with funding from the Department of Culture of the Government of Kerala.

The overall objective of the current programme is to bring about a desirable change in attitudes towards independent learning and understanding or solving problems in society amongst young people in selected schools. Organized as an extra-curricular programme with the support of the school management, principal and teachers, the project focuses on 8th and 9th Standard children in government schools in coastal and tribal areas, serving disadvantaged communities.

The program content covers

  1. Learning of statistics and science using problem solving and practical examples, connecting learners to social issues such as gender and environmental issues such as waste management
  2. Development of socio-emotional skills including self-awareness, knowledge of learning styles, personality development, inter-personal relations and democratic participation
  3. Career guidance and awareness of substance abuse. The duration of the programme is 40 hours. Training for parents on parenting of adolescent children is conducted separately.