Celebrating the ‘Svadesabhimani’ and the 150th birth anniversary of Vakkom Moulavi on the eve of National Press Day

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Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust celebrated the historic newspaper ‘The Svadesabhimani’ and the 150th birth anniversary of Vakkom Moulavi On November 16, 2023, on the National Press Day, The event, held at the Foundation Hall, brought together a diverse group of individuals to explore into the theme, ‘Fostering a Democratic India: The Role of Media Then and Now. The thought-provoking discussion was organized by, the Swadeshabhimani Media Study Centre under the Vakkom Maulvi Foundation, in collaboration with the Department of Malayalam and Mass Communication & Dept. of English and Media Studies, St. Xavier’s College Thumba.
The discussion featured distinguished speakers from the field of journalism, each shedding light on vital aspects of media’s impact on Indian democracy. Smt. Saraswathy Nagarajan, Senior Deputy Editor at The Hindu, dissected the intricacies of news reporting in her presentation titled ‘Facts and Fiction in News Reporting.’ This insightful discussion laid bare the challenges and responsibilities faced by journalists in presenting accurate information to the public.
Sri. Abhilash Mohanan, Deputy Editor at Mathrubhumi News, contributed to the discourse with his presentation, ‘News and News Reporter: News Presentation as a Spectacle.’ Exploring the evolving nature of news presentation, Sri. Abhilash narrated how media has transformed into a spectacle and its implications on the information landscape.
The former Pro Vice-Chancellor of Kerala University, Prof. J. Prabash, skillfully moderated the session, ensuring a dynamic exchange of ideas. His role was pivotal in steering the conversation and encouraging a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding media in India.
Smt.Saraswathy Nagaran discussed the role of media and laymen in understanding facts and fiction in a news story. she also elaborated on the difference between misinformation and disinformation. Disinformation is the distribution of fake news mistakenly or unintentionally while misinformation is the deliberate and intentional distribution of fake news.

The event saw active participation from approximately 70 attendees, including journalism students who added vibrancy to the discussions. Prof. V. K. Damodaran in his opening remarks highlighted the significance of Vakkom Moulavi and Svadesabhimani newspaper in the contemporary media landscape. By fostering a space for meaningful dialogue, the event has contributed to the ongoing discourse on the role of media in shaping a democratic India