The relationship between state and citizen, the upholding of the fundamental and equal rights of citizens, the accountability of public officials to the citizens, the involvement of citizens in shaping policies and programs – all these issues are encompassed within the notion of governance. Without democratic governance and active citizen participation, there cannot be equitable and inclusive development, communal harmony or social cohesion. Good governance is critical for society to face new existential challenges, such as from climate change or environmental disasters, in an equitable manner.

The ideas and systems of governance have evolved as increasing numbers of people, who were hitherto excluded from managing the affairs of society, start taking part in political and public affairs. The challenge is to shift the paradigm of the current political system to one that integrates the citizen into every aspect of governance and guaranteeing this possibility for every citizen.

VMFT has organized its activities around three broad areas:

  • The Renaissance Study Centre, which is a platform for studying the development of ideas related to governance as well as new thinking about the models of governance
  • The Swadeshabhimani Media Study Centre, which focuses on the development and role of the media in contemporary society, and equipping citizens with the tools for effective participation in governance
  • Memorial Lectures and Awards

Vakkom Moulavi Renaissance Study Centre

The Renaissance Study Centre was launched in October 2014 to commemorate Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi, a renaissance son of Kerala whose interventions in the social life made revolutionary changes in the Kerala society.

Swadeshabhimani Media Study Centre

The objectives of the Centre are to educate the public and act as a watchdog to raise ethical standards in the media in order to improve democratic governance and social cohesion in Kerala and to enable marginalized groups to access and utilize the media, including the new social media, in an ethical and equitable manner.

Memorial Lectures and Awards

K.M. Bashir
Memorial Lectures

The K. M. Bashir Memorial Lectures are organised by VMFT and to generate new thinking to promote the all-round social, economic, political and spiritual progress of the people of Kerala and India.  The Memorial Lecture was instituted to honour the memory of the  Founder of Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust, Shri K.M. Bashir, who believed in the power of knowledge ideas to transform human society. A distinguished statistician by profession.

Vakkom Moulavi
Memorial Lectures

VMFT organizes Vakkom Moulavi Memorial Lectures to commemorate the multi-faceted contributions of Vakkom Moulavi Abdul Khader and to reflect on contemporary developments. Lecture topics relate to the broad range of issues with which he engaged – political, educational, social, economic , spiritual and cultural – through his journalistic and literary activities. The list of lectures is given below and videos of recent lectures are available to the public through social media.

Professor N.A Karim Award
for Outstanding Public Service

Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust in its Silver Jubilee Year 2012 established Professor N. A. Karim Award for Outstanding Public Service’, consisting of Rupees One Lakh cash, a citation and a memento to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to public service. The award is named after Professor N. A. Karim, former President of the VMFT, a distinguished academician, educational administrator and social activist .