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14 Crisp and Brief Talks in 45 minutes

Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust organised ‘Kaleidoscope Talks’ for college students across Kerala on 26 May 2023 at the Trust Hall. These were brief talks of 3 minutes duration using visual aids on the topic “Social Impacts of New Technologies”. Prof. Achuthsankar S. Nair, Dept.of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, Kerala University conceived the programme and chaired the session. 14 participants  from IISER Trivandrum, the Central University of Kerala, CET Trivandrum and Cochin University of Science and Technology  made presentations on the following topics – “Overview of Synthetic biology -multidisciplinary field of science that involves redesigning organisms for useful purposes by engineering them to have new abilities” ,“ How Technology affect children and their childhood”, “ Facial Recognition and Application in Education”, “  Growth of 5 G Technology and its impacts “ “ “Technology under the Skin – Microchips”, “ The impact of Technology on society and culture”, “Technology and Dating”, “ Lifestyle and Technology”, “ Technology and Crime”, “ Advantages of Artificial Intelligence”, ” Technology in Sports”, “ Advantages of 3 D Printing”, “Features of”,  “What is Communication Technology “. The programme enabled the students to think how technology is going to impact our life and the society we live in and communicate the thoughts in minimum words with visual support.

Er. A. Suhair, Chair and Dr. Sajitha Bashir, Vice Chair VMFT addressed the participants. Prof. Achuthsankar S. Nair, Dr. Sheeba, Arya and Shine also spoke on the occasion.

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Digitization and translation of the historic newspaper ‘Svadeshabhimani’ founded by  Vakkom Moulavi

The ‘Svadesabhimani’, the first and most famous newspaper published by Vakkom Moulavi, occupies a key role in the political history and development of the print media in Kerala. The VMFT aims to digitize all the editorials and principal articles that are available in its collection of the newspaper. The contents will be reproduced in Malayalam and translated into English to reach a wider audience. The newspaper which was published between 1905- 1910, was an instrument of social and political reform in a crucial period of the development of Kerala and India’s history.

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School Outreach Programs

It is important for the younger generation to become familiar with various social reformers and their contributions, which helped in the renaissance of Kerala. As a part of the 150th birth anniversary of Vakkom Moulavi, who played a major role in the social reformation of Kerala the Swadeshabhimani Media Study Centre, under the Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust, held a quiz competition for high school students on social reform movements in Kerala on 26th April 2023. Alex Aloysius served as the quiz Master. G.H.S.S. Pirappancode bagged the first prize of RS. 5000/- memento and certificate, G.G.H.S.S. Nedumangad bagged the second prize of RS 3000/-, memento and Certificate, and G.H.S.S. Aruvikkara bagged the third prize of RS 2000/-, memento and certificate. The prizes were distributed by Dr. Parvathy Menon.
The quiz wa conducted in four rounds. In the preliminary round, 4 schools were eliminated. The quiz carried questions from Kerala social reformation and renaissance, the social reformers, their contribution, places people and events related to Kerala renaissance. Student teams from 10 schools participated in the district-level quiz. The school level quiz competitions were held in 10 schools in Trivandrum during the academic year 2022-23. VMFT Chairperson Er. A. Suhair talked with students about the importance of learning about the Renaissance of Kerala.

VMFT aims to bring key stakeholders together to think about the mega trends shaping Kerala society and the systems, policies and actions required to build a better future for the next generation. We will hear the voices of scholars, politicians, administrators, business people, teachers, citizens from different walks of life, and especially youth and even children.

A child born today in Kerala will be 30 in 2050. That is about the age at which many men in Kerala currently get married and start rearing the next generation.  What kind of society is today’s child likely to live in?  What kind of society would we like this child to live in?  Or will Kerala even remain a place where people can live at all?

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Memorial Lectures and Awards

K M Bashir
Memorial Lectures

Vakkom Moulavi
Memorial Lectures

Professor N.A Karim Award
for Outstanding Public Service

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre houses a collection of resources on renaissance, journalism, education and renaissance leaders.  It also hosts a Reader's Forum which conducts a review of a book every month. In addition to books and resource materials related to Vakkom Moulavi, the resource centre carries books and publications relating to the work of the VMFT. These include books relating to education and teaching, science and mathematics resources for children, political science, history, journalism and media, religion and the environment.
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