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The publication will be released on 22 January 2021 by senior journalist Shri Sudeep Thakur, Resident Editor of Amar Ujala; senior journalist, Shri Ashutosh, Founder, Satya Hindi, and Prof. V.K. Damodaran,President of VMFT. The experience of migrant labour returning to the Eastern Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand will be shared by senior journalist and author, Shri Santosh K. Singh, Indian Express, Patna, Professor Harishwar Dayal, Director-In-Chief, Center for Fiscal Studies, Government of Jharkhand, and Shri Mukesh Balyogi, Hindustan, Ranchi.

Entitled Avaaz, Pehchaan aur Atma Samaan: Pravasi Shramik, Unka Bhavishya, Unka Adhikaar – Ek Rooprekha, the publication documents the experience of inter-state migrant workers in Kerala and other states of India during the COVID-19 lockdown. It summarizes the discussion of a high level virtual Roundtable organized by the Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust (VMFT), which brought together policy makers from different states, academics, media personalities and NGOs. The Roundtable also identified the lessons to be drawn from the comparative performance of different states and the actions that need to be taken in the future. The Malayalam version of the report was released by Shri T.P. Ramakrishnan, Minister of Labour and Excise in the Government of Kerala in his office on 23 December 2020.

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VMFT Publications

VMFT aims to bring key stakeholders together to think about the mega trends shaping Kerala society and the systems, policies and actions required to build a better future for the next generation. We will hear the voices of scholars, politicians, administrators, business people, teachers, citizens from different walks of life, and especially youth and even children.

A child born today in Kerala will be 30 in 2050. That is about the age at which many men in Kerala currently get married and start rearing the next generation.  What kind of society is today’s child likely to live in?  What kind of society would we like this child to live in?  Or will Kerala even remain a place where people can live at all?

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The Resource Centre houses a collection of resources on renaissance, journalism, education and renaissance leaders.  It also hosts a Readers’ Forum which conducts a review of a book every month. In addition to books and resource materials related to Vakkom Moulavi, the resource centre carries books and publications relating to the work of the VMFT. These include books relating to education and teaching, science and mathematics resources for children, political science, history, journalism and media, religion and the environment.
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