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A consultation meeting was jointly organized by VMFT and Tata Institute of Social Sciences  (TISS) on 16th February 2023 at VMFT Hall, Thekkummood with the aim to design a series of education seminars on the topic  ‘Perspectives for Kerala’s School Education  – Shaping a Future with Social Justice.   Tata Institute of Social Sciences or TISS, India’s foremost social science university was founded in 1936. The seminar series is planned to be held over the course of 2023 which is the sesquicentennial or 150th birth year of Vakkom Moulavi.

Presently there is a lack of a strong research agenda on education for evidence -based policy making.  We cannot respond to the future needs of society unless the education system suitably changes. Even though Kerala has made many advancements in the field of education, in a fast-changing technological society, it also faces many challenges impeding the all-round development of children


Upcoming Events


Documentary workshop series

10:00 am - 5:00 pmVakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust
Digitization and translation of the historic newspaper ‘svadeshabhimani’ founded by Vakkom moulavi

The ‘Svadesabhimani’, the first and most famous newspaper published by Vakkom Moulavi, occupies a key role in the political history and development of the print media in Kerala. The VMFT aims to digitize all the editorials and principal articles that are available in its collection of the newspaper. The contents will be reproduced in Malayalam and subsequently into English to reach a wider audience. The newspaper which was published between 1905- 1910, was an instrument of social and political reform in a crucial period of the development of Kerala and India’s history.

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School Outreach Programs

To enable high school students to recognise some of the major problems and worries with the media in the era of “post-truth communication” and to recognise the various ways that the media can slant how we see an event or a narrative, Swadeshabhimani Media Study Centre of Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust organised a one-day workshop for the students of Eduspot Perumathura on 31st December 2022. 45 students and 5 volunteers attended the workshop.


VMFT aims to bring key stakeholders together to think about the mega trends shaping Kerala society and the systems, policies and actions required to build a better future for the next generation. We will hear the voices of scholars, politicians, administrators, business people, teachers, citizens from different walks of life, and especially youth and even children.

A child born today in Kerala will be 30 in 2050. That is about the age at which many men in Kerala currently get married and start rearing the next generation.  What kind of society is today’s child likely to live in?  What kind of society would we like this child to live in?  Or will Kerala even remain a place where people can live at all?

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Memorial Lectures and Awards

K M Bashir
Memorial Lectures

Vakkom Moulavi
Memorial Lectures

Professor N.A Karim Award
for Outstanding Public Service

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre houses a collection of resources on renaissance, journalism, education and renaissance leaders.  It also hosts a Reader's Forum which conducts a review of a book every month. In addition to books and resource materials related to Vakkom Moulavi, the resource centre carries books and publications relating to the work of the VMFT. These include books relating to education and teaching, science and mathematics resources for children, political science, history, journalism and media, religion and the environment.
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