Resource Centre

The Resource Centre houses a collection of resources on renaissance, journalism, education and renaissance leaders.  It also hosts a Reader’s Forum which conducts a review of a book every month. These include:

Selected Materials related to Vakkom Moulavi

  • Photocopies of available issues of Swadeshabhimani News Paper
  • Vakkom Moulaviyude Deepika Otta Valyathil, Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust.
  • Vakkom Moulavi Avarude Kazhchapp犀利士 adil, Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust. (Malayalam)
  • Vakkom Moulaviyude Al-Islam Otta Valyathil: malayalam language with arabic text. Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust. 2016
  • Jose Abraham, 2008. Modernity, Islamic reform and the Mappilas of Kerala: The Contributions of Vakkom Moulavi (1873-1932) Ph D, Thesis Institute of Islamic Studies McGill University, Montreal
  • Jasmine A., 2002. Social and Cultural Milieu of Muslims of South Kerala (1850-1950) contributions of Vakkom Moulavi. Ph D Thesis, Kerala University
  • Ajir Kutty K. M., 2016. Vakkom Moulavi: Keralathil Islahi chinthayude pathaka vahakan, Athouheed Masika (Malayalam)
  • Ummarkutty A. N. P., Vakkom Moulaviyude vidhyabhyasa shramangal (Malayalam)
  • Seethi Sahib K. M., 1998. Vakkom M Abdhul Khadir Moulavi (Personality). Prabodhanam Special edition
  • Vakkom Abdul Khader, 1978. Swadeshabhimani (Drama). DC Books.
  • Rehma Abdul H., 2013. Vakkom Moulavi and the Renaissance Movement among the Muslims, Thiruvithamcore Muslim Association
  • Mohammed Kannu Haji M., 1982. Vakkom Moulaviyum Navothana Nayakanmarum. Gulistan Trivandrum
  • Vakkom Moulavi Prabandhangal Smaranakal, Arafa Publications Trivandrum


In addition to books and resource materials related to Vakkom Moulavi, the resource centre carries books and publications relating to the work of the VMFT.  These include books relating to education and teaching, science and mathematics resources for children, political science, history, journalism and media, religion and the environment.

The resource centre collection is catalogued and classified using the standard Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme. The catalogue is computerized using KOHA software.

As part of its educational collection, the Resource Centre possesses

  • A collection of exhibits regarding the evolution of science and mathematics developed by Homi Bhaba Centre for Science Education, Mumbai. 
  • Mathematical kits for teachers and children to practice and experiment school mathematics. 
  • Smart class learning software