Education is central to the mission of Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust and it has been very active in this area since its inception.

Kerala’s development story is inextricably linked with its remarkable successes in education and health coverage. Near universal access to secondary education has been one of the enablers of greater social and economic equality in the state, and a stark contrast to many other regions of India.

However, the state faces new challenges relating to the quality of education at all levels. The quality of education is highly variable, starting in primary education, and this is a new driver of socio-economic inequality.

Further, the relevance of a highly academic, examination oriented school and university education, with little practical training, is increasingly being questioned, as society and the world of work change rapidly.
VMFT’s activities focus on:

  • Implementing projects with schools, teachers and students, focusing on poor communities in order to enhance teacher competencies and leadership, improve student learning and promote children’s all-round development.
  • Fostering new thinking on the future of education in Kerala and India, by preparing policy papers, organizing seminars and meetings in order to consult with stakeholders and disseminate research findings.

Connecting Learners with Communities

VMFT is currently implementing an innovative project on “Connecting Learners with Communities” with funding from the Department of Culture of the Government of Kerala.

Education for the Future

Building on its early successes in universalizing school education, Kerala must now equip children and young people of Kerala with these advanced competences, so that they are prepared to shape the future society.

Past Projects

VMFT has implemented two projects funded by the Sri Ratan Tata Foundation on “Professional development of high school teachers: piloting Teacher Resource Centre” and “Strengthening and Expanding a Program on Professional Development of High School Teachers’ under the ‘Teacher Development initiative”.